::Welcome to Wat Nong Klub :: 

                 Wat Nong Klub is an old temple and has provided spiritual leadership and education to the people
        of this district for many years. Several documents indicate that this site has been continuously settled since
        the reign of King Rama II.

                 Between 1917 and 1950, Thammakant Niwat was the temple’s provost; and Wat Nong Pho, as it was
        known, was part of the Takhli District. During this time, the provost was directed to restore the temple and build
        a new one in the old pavilion. It is currently located in the swamp known to many as “Luang Old Father.
        ” This area is also known as “Luang’s Cane,” “The Town,” and “The Wild Tomato.”


                 The temple itself is architecturally plain by regional standards. Its walls and roof are made of cement
        instead of tile. This is meant to bring out the temple’s natural beauty, as well as the natural beauty of the
        surroundings. This architectural philosophy was championed first by the Japanese architect Ibiza Big.



                 Beside the windows of the structure are beautiful murals. Thai tradition dictates that the color of the
        murals should be determined by donations of paint and not by an artist’s pre-planned idea. This means
        that the colors used cannot be anticipated; meaning that no two temple murals are the same. This mural
        tradition is exemplified in Muang Nakhon Sawan, and is an art form that is respected throughout Thailand.


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Nong Bua District Nakhon Sawan Province Thailand